The start of our journey with Feline Diabetes

Back in late 2000, I noticed that my cat Kitty was drinking an awful lot of water...Sometimes he would drink 4 bowls overnight! However, I was in denial, it's winter, it's dry...He was a big boy (25 pounds!) but one day I weighed him and he was 19 pounds. He lost 6 pounds and I knew this was trouble. Took him to the vets in early Jan 2001 where my worst fears were realized-Kitty was diabetic.

She started him on an insulin called Caninsulin (also known as Vetsulin in the US). We got to 2U twice a day and after a few glucose curves at the vet, he was declared regulated. Around this time, I discovered the Feline Diabetes Message Board (FDMB) where I discovered LOTS of people had diabetic cats! One thing they were doing is testing their cats glucose levels with a human glucometer, pricking their cats ears. I was not ready for that, getting used to giving shots was enough (although I would rather give 100 needles than 1 pill, they were not difficult at all!).

Fast forward to June 2001. Kitty would not eat. I couldn't give insulin without him eating, so one day, I got up the nerve and tested him and he was at 3.3 mmol/dL, which is a reading expected from non-diabetics! I took him to the vets and she agreed that Kitty was in remission. Whew, I thought...Dodged that bullet.

Fast forward to October 2005 and Kitty is drinking a lot. Got the glucometer out and it appears that he is diabetic again. This was confirmed by our vet. Little did I know the hell that this would become.....